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There are parts of me in everything I write here, but when I write an entire post directly about myself and my experiences and it does not fit into another category, this is where it will show up.

Forever a Warrior

There are beliefs in various cultures and religions about the idea that people play a specific role in life and have a certain skillset in which they are strong based on that role. Each individual’s role compliments the roles of others to form a complete social system.

An example of this idea with which I am personally familiar is from a book written by Michelle Belanger called the Psychic Vampire Codex. In her book she describes a caste system which includes the roles of priest, counselor and warrior. As with other systems I have encountered, the basic idea is that the different roles (or castes) compliment each other. Each has strengths that support the others in some way. Different systems define different roles, but they systems themselves are largely similar.

This particular article is purely for me to express myself, not to go into all of the details of the social role systems.

Personally, I feel like these systems are a useful tool to help us identify ourselves with something that we have in common with others. While I have played many roles over many lifetimes, there is one that feels core to me. It is always there deep inside of me, powering me and influencing everything I do. That is the role of a warrior (if the title of the article did not give it away).

Here are a few excerpts about warriors from the book I mentioned above (copied from this page).

Their powers tend to manifest themselves in a very physical nature, allowing them to consciously augment their natural strength, stamina, and speed. In body, they tend to be broad-shouldered and rugged, with a natural propensity for various martial arts. They can also consciously enhance their healing so they recover almost completely from the most grievous of wounds.

Mainly, [their] desensitized state is brought about by a thick “wall” which protects them from the energy of others. It is a kind of psychic armor that is kept in place instinctually and without any thought or effort.

Warriors almost always excel at warcraft, having an instinctive knowledge of weapons and their handling. They are often remarkable strategists and tacticians. This results from the sum of their memories and skills gained in previous lives. This remembering can be called forth consciously, but is always present and ready to be drawn upon on an unspoken level.

Of all the castes, the warriors store the greatest portion of energy. This is energy not meant to be fed from, but energy which can be directed through their Will and their rage. Although it takes a good deal to delve deep enough into the warrior to reach his hidden reserves, once this well-spring is tapped, the power and intensity of the output is immense.

Though I do have innate abilities for defending myself without them, I find that I am always more comfortable when a weapon is close at hand. Daggers are my personal favorite, both the fighting and the throwing varieties. There is a part of me that hopes people will give me a reason to use them, but then there is the part of me that knows I never would unless someone I care for was truly threatened.

I am fiercely loyal to and protective of the ones I love. I spent an entire lifetime once as the protector of my queen and lover. I have suffered many deep wounds, physical, emotional and spiritual, in defense of my lovers. Not once did I ever think for a moment that it was not the right place for me to be. I would do anything for the ones that I love.