Dimensional Reality

I wrote this in an email communication I had in the past:

Everything came from the same source, whatever that source is. The power of love compels the countless pieces of the shattered source to group together and form everything. Love is the power of creation. The power of fear serves to shatter these formations so that they might reform in a different way, creating something new. Love and fear, the prime forces that drive existence, serve to form an endless cycle of creation and destruction. Neither of these forces would last long without the constant opposition of the other keeping it in balance.

I believe that science is the best description of humanity’s attempts to explain everything that they perceive, and I have spent a lot of time studying various sciences in an effort to understand these perceptions. In this post, I will being using some scientific concepts to attempt to illustrate some of my core beliefs.

The following contains excerpts from an email communication I had with a friend (my words only), slightly edited for context and to protect privacy.

The longest standing belief of mine that has never changed in as long as I can remember, including the immeasurable amount of time before this particular life time in which I can only vaguely remember, is that every thing in all of existence, living or otherwise, is connected. Everything came from the same source, whatever that source is.

I read something online that referenced a theory about limited perception of other dimensions, using an example of a two-dimensional being attempting to perceive a three-dimensional being. It basically described how they would only be able to perceive small parts of the three-dimensional being and how it would fade in and out of reality. I have no idea if this concept of dimensions is actually a literal explanation for how things are, but it certainly makes a good metaphor at the least. I would like to leverage this metaphor to explain some of my beliefs.

Let’s assume for a moment that there are infinite dimensions. Each dimension compresses the previous dimensions and provides a more complete picture of the nature of existence. It is my belief that everything exists in all dimensions, but I will limit the scope of this explanation to what are commonly known as living beings. We are multidimensional beings, and we have the ability to shift our perception both upwards and downwards through these dimensions.

I realize infinity is a concept that people cannot fully grasp, so let’s say for the purpose of explanation that there are ten dimensions, and we will assume that all ten of these dimensions are spatial dimensions (I believe there are many kinds of dimensions, but spatial dimensions are the easiest to discuss using this form of communication).

So, from the current level of perception in which we are operating, we are fully aware of four of these dimensions. There is the 0th dimension – a point that has a size of absolute zero when measured in any dimension above it. Then the first dimension – combine infinite numbers of points to form an endless line in which one can only move forwards or backwards. (Interestingly this how humans perceive the dimension of time, which is actually a multi-dimensional construct like space. I have seen a lot of evidence of people starting to realize the second dimension of time in a lot of scientific theories I have read.) The second dimension lays an infinite number of these lines beside each other to form a plane. The third dimension combines an infinite number of these planes to form what we perceive as space. The concept of infinity in these regards is understandable because the measurement of one dimension inside of another is always zero. Dividing any amount (including zero and infinity) by zero results in infinity.

Now let’s follow the logic and assume that the fourth dimension combines an infinite number of three-dimensional spaces to form the next dimension. In this dimension, things which seem disconnected and unrelated may reveal themselves to actually be part of a greater whole. To bring it into perspective, think about a cube made up of six two dimensional pieces. In two dimensional perception, depending on how our plane intersects the cube, we would only see either a single side, or a single dimension of multiple sides. In the latter case, we would have no idea that those disconnected lines were actually part of the same object in the next dimension. They would appear as separate and likely unrelated objects.

So, if we follow this all the way to the tenth dimension (remember in our example there are only ten of them), then we would be able to perceive and describe all of existence. We would know the source. In reality, I believe there are in fact an infinite number of dimensions and the source is a construct that exists only as an idea because no matter how far up you travel, there will always be another level.

Now take this example using spacial dimensions and assume that thought, consciousness, will, whatever that thing is called is another multidimensional construct with similar properties. Every living being is part of a greater living being in the next dimension of consciousness.

I think that the human concept of deities is an attempt to explain the next dimension above ours. I believe that each living being is part of a greater living being in the next dimension, metaphorically similar to how the cells in a plant or animal’s body are living beings that make up parts of the body like skin or an organ, and those parts combine to make up the plant or animal as we perceive it.

Therefore, when people perceive a will greater than their own guiding them through their life, I believe that they are perceiving the will of the being in which they are a part of in the next dimension. I do not consider any deity to be in control of or have influence over everything in existence. I think that every being can influence everything because we all eventually link to the source which links us to everything else in existence. The being of which we are a part in the next dimension probably has the single greatest influence over us, but I do not believe all of us are part of the same being just as every blood cell in existence does not belong to the same animal.

The main message in all of that is that I believe everything in existence is connected. We are all part of the source and everything we do has an impact on everything on some level.

On lower planes than ours, our “soul” is divided up among multiple seemingly independent “souls” in that plane. Everything that they do impacts us and everything that we do impacts them. To them, we are their deity. Our will influences everything they do.

On our plane, were are the seemingly independent souls that make up greater souls in the next plane. The greater soul to which each person is part of is often seen as their deity. Multiple people might have multiple different direct “deities” in this sense, but the will of those deities may be similar enough that people will assume they have the same deity, and thus religion is born.

I believe this “tree” of source pieces is why people have “soul mates”. They are connected to others on the soul level because they are part of the same greater soul. The mistake that people make is to think that they only have a single soul mate. In all likelihood, there are millions (or billions or more) beings we are connected to in the next plane. All of them would feel like soul mates to us if we met them here. Of course the number of them that happen to be living on the same planet as us could potentially be quite small considering how vast the universe is from our perspective.

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