Floating Islands

I have often considered the idea that many of the fantasy worlds that have been created by many writers in this world are drawn heavily from alternate life impressions. (Impressions are like the leftover effects of a memory that is no longer accessible.)

I believe we incarnate into many lives, most of which are not in the same plane as the one we are living here. Some of these planes are close enough to this one that we can retain impressions from them in our minds in this life. There is one in particular for me that I seem to have the most pieces of memories for. I think of it as the world with floating islands.

This other world seems very similar to ours in most ways (or perhaps that is only how I interpret it with this brain). The main differences are that there are a few islands floating in the sky in a couple of places and one of the humanoid races that live there have wings and can fly. I was a member of that race in the life I remember there.

In that life, I was a guardian of and a lover to a great queen. I spent nearly my entire life at her side as her warrior, supporting her, loving her and protecting her from harm. Our life together was often hard; there were many problems and many painful times. However, my queen was loved by her people and treated them well.

Honestly, I remember the good times much more easily than the bad times. I think that is the way memories should be. I also have vague memories of battles I fought and of other members of my queen’s personal guard, but most of my memories are about my queen. I was completely devoted and loyal to her in every way.

I was polyamorous as I am now, but I would have done anything for my queen. Though she never did, if she would have asked me to leave one of my lovers I would have done so in an instant. The pain of it would have been nothing compared to the pain of disappointing her. I can never remember such a time in all of my memories where I was so fiercely dedicated to a single person that I would have hurt others that I care about for them. Thankfully, she never asked me to (unless I have blocked out the memory of it).

In public, my queen treated me the same as any other member of her court. She treated everyone in the kingdom fairly and made decisions with a wisdom that inspired awe. In private, she was a passionate lover – usually dominant, sometimes submissive, sometimes neither. We both enjoyed the pleasures and the pains that we shared.

The reason I have so much memory of that life is because I have had the amazing opportunity to meet my queen again in this life. I met her online, and despite her not being at all related to royalty in this life, I was compelled by some internal force to call her my queen. We bonded very quickly, and both of us began to recall memories of our life together.

Unfortunately, our lives now are not the same as they were then, and she ended up pushing me away from her for reasons I will not go into. She did not completely push me away, but she put a barrier between us that kept us at a bit of a distance.

She later let me come a little bit closer again and she adopted me as her daughter. Her and her closest lover became my mothers (and still are). Though the circumstances of this life are not what they were in our other life, we still remain somewhat close. We will always be connected.

I will always remember flying and the floating islands. Most of all, I will always remember our life together.

I love you, mother.

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  1. Succunation

    I have heard that there is a belief that when an author is writing fiction, he’s actually tapping in to events taking place in parallel realities. To all you Star Wars fans out there, I’m sure that’s some great news for you!

    I’ve also heard told that just the public consciousness can create spiritual entities. For example, if enough people know of Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader (for example) or even Mickey Mouse, their spirit can be tapped into, for whatever reason.

    I’m in no way versed enough if any of this to give a really good lecture on how it all works, however. Sheta Kaey (linked from my site) would be a great person to talk to regarding all of that.


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