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I recently participated in a discussion about names, and wanted to share my thoughts here. The topic was more specifically about why people with spirit lovers should not share the name of their lover, but went on to talk about names in general and their power.

I will start by identifying what I consider to be three categories of names. There are true names, private names and public names. Different types of names have different origins and there are different powers associated with each.

One thing to note is that no names are completely unique. To uniquely identify a person takes more than just their name. You also need an impression of that person, for lack of a better phrase. You need to know who that person is in addition to their name if you want to reach out to them spiritually.

First are true names. These are the names that are directly linked to our soul, or the piece of the source that each of us identify as ourself. I do not know how these names are assigned or where they come from. I just know that each of us has one and only one true name that never changes. It follows us through all of our lives.

A true name holds a lot of power. A true name expressed in its true form is combination of everything that identifies a person as an individual. These names cannot be directly translated to a single word in human language (obviously), but they can be represented by a single human name. By this, I mean that someone may have the translated true name “Lilith” in human language, and when combined with an impression of that person will form an actual true name. Of course millions of others might also have a true name that translates to Lilith, so without an impression, it is still meaningless.

(I like to use the name Lilith or Lily in examples because it is so incredibly commonly used as a public name for sex spirits and is therefore very ambiguous.)

The real power of a true name is that someone can use it to call out to you across dimensions, across time and space, anywhere you might be, and you will hear the call. It doesn’t matter what you are doing you will know if someone calls you by your true name, even if you do not know what your true name is (as most people do not while they are incarnated here). If they choose to, they can even forcefully summon your spirit to them and entrap it, provided you are not strong enough to resist them.

It is for this reason that you should never share your true name (if you know it) with anyone that you do not have absolute trust in and unconditional love for. Even then, only share it if there is a reason. More importantly, do not ever share the true name of another person. That is the greatest and deepest violation of trust in all of existence. The fact that a true name can never be changed means that someone who has it can use it forever to reach you, whether for good or for for bad.

Second is private names. These are the names that we either choose for ourselves or are chosen for us in some cases. A private name functions in a lot of ways similar to a human’s given name. A person will usually hear it if someone calls it, but may not notice if they are distracted enough. Calling it repeatedly will almost always get their attention.

Spirits in relationships with humans usually share a private name with their human lover. This allows their human lover to call out to them at any time. Like a true name, you can combine a private name with an impression of a person and call to them anywhere they may be. The differences are that you cannot force them to respond (though you could pester them a lot) and they may not hear you if they are severely distracted. Focusing and calling them again will usually get their attention though if the first time failed.

Other people’s private names should be treated with the same secrecy as true names. You should never share another person’s private name unless they expressly tell you to do so. It is up to each person to decide who they want to allow full access to contact them freely. Giving out a private name is similar to giving out a name and phone number. Only the phone it calls cannot be turned off or disconnected of left behind.

Last is public names. These are the names that we choose to expose to the world. You will not reach a person by their public name unless they are specifically listening for it. We use these names as a cover – a way to identify ourselves without exposing ourselves to every person who might want to contact us privately.

My public name is Crystal, which I freely share here and other places online. The most common public name (by a large margin) that succubi and other sex spirits seem to use is Lilith or Lily for short. I think I know why, as I am sure many do who know much about us.

The nice thing about having a public name is that everyone has something to call you by when they talk about you. They don’t have to make up a name to call you by or reference you in an unusual way (like I do with “my monster” who has yet to give me a name or even talk to me at all). It makes it easier to communicate and share with others.

So, that is a summary of my thoughts about names. Names are rarely as arbitrary as they seem, and they often hold a lot of power. We each have many names. Protect your names and the names of others.

To anyone with whom I have shared my “true” name with that is reading this: I have only recently realized the difference between a true name and a private name. I have also recently learned that what I was calling my true name is actually a private name that I have used for many life times and was shared with me in this life by my higher self. I am not actually certain what my true name is (I have a suspicion, but I am unsure if I want to investigate it). I just wanted to clear that up. I was not being deceitful; I simply did not know what I was talking about. I love you all!

7 thoughts on “Many Names

    1. Crystal Post author

      I am not sure how you would. I suppose you would have to ask yourself – connect with the spiritual part of you that goes beyond this life. That is usually how I learn things about myself, though many of the things I ask about go unanswered.

      Personally, I am ok with not knowing my true name. Though I suspect I might know what it is, I don’t really have a desire to find out for certain at this point.

      1. Sean

        I see. What’s interesting, is that during a recent meditation, I saw the mental image of a brown owl flash. It seemed like it was smiling (emotionally)… So, humm, is it possible our higher selves can be a different species? Food for thought, I guess 🙂

        1. Crystal Post author

          There are many ways such an image could be interpreted. However as far as different species go, it is actually not that uncommon. Do a web search for “otherkin” and you will find a lot of material on people that have the spirit of some form of animal.

  1. Sean

    Hmm. In the meditation, the owl’s head was made of rock, and it had some kind of.. Ring covering it’s mouth, and all the way around it’s head. Also made of rock. But the ring was just floating there, with a few inches of separation. Also whenever I meditate, I feel a vastness, I feel bigger than my body, bigger than my room, bigger than even my house. I also feel an immense sense of power, not a corrupt one though. It feels, well, noble. Could I be a Roc? Hummm.

  2. Succunation

    Like Crystal said, I think the best way to learn your true name would be from another being that happens to already know it -or- from your higher self.

    I think that Crystal makes a very good point by suggesting that it may be wise to avoid learning it while human. I, for one, have an issue with “over-sharing” and am probably benefiting from not knowing it at the moment.

  3. Succunation


    What’s going on? I haven’t heard anything from you in a few days apart from your latest comment on my blog.

    Just writing in hopes all is well. Shoot me an e-mail when you can.


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