Thank You, My Friend

I have made a few references to a particular friend of mine in some of my past entries. I met this friend only recently online through his own blog. I was reading a lot of similar blogs around that time, but his really stood out to me above the rest because of the way I felt when I read his dedication to his wives.

I was inspired to connect with him, and over the past week we have shared a lot through emails, much of which has been added to the various posts on this blog. It was him more than anything else that inspired me to start a blog of my own. I asked him, and we have agreed to link to each other’s blogs so that people may see the words we have to share.

His blog Succunation is the very first link I have just added to the new “Links” section on the side of my blog. If anything you have read here has informed or inspired you in any way, please take a moment to visit and explore one of the sources of my own inspiration.

Thank you so much my friend for helping me through the door into this new era of my life. Love and hugs to you and your wives.

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