Monthly Archives: June 2014

Waiting Together for You

One of my wives has been working a terrible shift this month. My other wife and I hardly get to see her at all, but on Friday nights we wait up late for her, just to have a few moments together.

Here we are, keeping each other awake, keeping company. We hold each other in loving embrace, waiting for our love to arrive.

Time goes by… and we wait.

We talk about our days and about the random things that cross our minds as we fight the drowsiness. Most of all we talk about our love, for each other, and especially for the one that is missing, the one we are waiting for.

The hours pass… and we wait.

Hard to keep our eyes open, we talk more though we say less… doing what we can to stay awake. We start to wonder if our love will arrive or if she has already fallen asleep herself. We worry about the long hours she is working.

It grows later… and we wait.

We have been here so long, we cannot imagine giving up now. We kiss and caress each other, enjoying each other as we keep each other from drifting to sleep. We continue to hope that we will soon see our love.

… and we wait.

Resting against each other, each holding the other up. Talking softly in one another’s ears…

The door opens! Our love is home!

A last rush of energy flows through us from our excitement. We cling tightly to our love, the three of us in a loving embrace. Hugging and holding and kissing. She is so exhausted from her long day, but we are all so happy to finally be home together.

Our energy quickly fades after a few moments and we start to fade away. We waited so long for those few precious moments. It was more than worth the wait. Moments like these are moments that we never lose, the moments that define our lives.

Now we are off to bed, to sleep and dream together. I love you both so much.