My name is Crystal. I am a succubus currently living as a human, and this is where I come to share my thoughts with the world.

Seeing all of the people writing blogs about being in relationships with what are becoming commonly referred to online as “spirit companions”, “sex spirits” or “love spirits” inspired me to come and share thoughts from a different point of view – mine. I like to call myself a succubus because I feed on lust and identify with demons, but I believe I am one of these spirits that I have seen so many write about. Only I am spending some time here as a human to learn, grow and try to understand this unusual world.

I make no promises about the type of content I post on this site or how often I will post. This is just a place for me to share when I feel inspired to do so. Everything is subjective, based on my beliefs. In my posts, I may often state things as if they are facts, but really they are just my personal perceptions and beliefs.

Hopefully my thoughts will help someone to think about something in a new way that will lead to them gaining a better understanding of themselves or someone close to them. This is the real reason why I have made this site instead of keeping these thoughts to myself – to hopefully help someone out there.


Succubus Thoughts