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Hello Again

I have been away a long time, and I will probably continue to be away for a while more. Life has had a lot of ups and downs since I was last here, and right now it is very full. I don’t know if I will have more to say here any time soon, or if I will continue to be away for another long time.

I thought I would stop by to say hello in case anyone is listening. Even though I have not been here, I am still alive and living life. I thought you may want to know. I wish the best to you all, and perhaps I will eventually have something more to write about. Until we meet again…

Still Around

I haven’t said anything here recently, but I want everyone to know I am still here. I have not had anything I felt like writing about lately. Once I do, I will be sure to share. Until then, be well everyone and have some fun 🙂

Thank You, My Friend

I have made a few references to a particular friend of mine in some of my past entries. I met this friend only recently online through his own blog. I was reading a lot of similar blogs around that time, but his really stood out to me above the rest because of the way I felt when I read his dedication to his wives.

I was inspired to connect with him, and over the past week we have shared a lot through emails, much of which has been added to the various posts on this blog. It was him more than anything else that inspired me to start a blog of my own. I asked him, and we have agreed to link to each other’s blogs so that people may see the words we have to share.

His blog Succunation is the very first link I have just added to the new “Links” section on the side of my blog. If anything you have read here has informed or inspired you in any way, please take a moment to visit and explore one of the sources of my own inspiration.

Thank you so much my friend for helping me through the door into this new era of my life. Love and hugs to you and your wives.

The End of the Beginning

Ok, I have finished transferring all of my thoughts and various materials I had in other places to this site. (I am amazed that I was able to do that in one day’s time.) The posts prior to this point are in no particular order. I just dumped the information as I found it.

So from this point on, I will only be posting new items as I am inspired to do so. That means I might post something tomorrow, or I might not post again for 6 months. It really just depends on when I am inspired to share something here.

So, welcome to my site. If you are feeling adventurous, dig in and read about the world from my point of view. I make no claims about the content here except that what I write is true to me at the time that I write it. I do not expect anyone to agree with everything (or anything for that matter) that I write here, and I welcome and encourage comments displaying different points of view. All I ask is that your comments are not rude or demeaning (or spam of course, everyone hates spam).

Welcome to My World

Welcome everyone to Succubus Thoughts. After sending a number of emails back and forth with a friend of mine, it became apparent that I have a lot to share about the world as I see it. So, I have decided to expand my audience and share with the world at large.

I do not expect that many people will see this, but that is not the reason it is here. If even one person reads my ramblings and finds a bit of information that helps them with something in their life, then this site has value to me.

I have a bunch of information I plan to sift through in the next couple days and will post bits of it here. After that, I have no idea how often I will update this site. I do not plan to write content for the sake of writing content. I will post here only when I am inspired to do so for one reason or another.