Welcome to My World

Welcome everyone to Succubus Thoughts. After sending a number of emails back and forth with a friend of mine, it became apparent that I have a lot to share about the world as I see it. So, I have decided to expand my audience and share with the world at large.

I do not expect that many people will see this, but that is not the reason it is here. If even one person reads my ramblings and finds a bit of information that helps them with something in their life, then this site has value to me.

I have a bunch of information I plan to sift through in the next couple days and will post bits of it here. After that, I have no idea how often I will update this site. I do not plan to write content for the sake of writing content. I will post here only when I am inspired to do so for one reason or another.

2 thoughts on “Welcome to My World

  1. Succunation


    I’m thrilled to see that you’ve started this blog! I’m honored in more ways that you can possibly imagine that our conversations have led to this wonderful site.

    The world will be a richer and more vibrant place now that you are participating in it on a global scale. I look forward to reading all you have to share and best of luck!

    1. Crystal Post author

      Thank you for the inspiration and the support! You have helped into a new era of this life and I will always be grateful for that.


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