To My Loves

My loves are everything to me. Together, we are harmony and balance. For them I would do anything just to see a smile. It is hard for me to express in words what they mean to me.

To each of you I make this dedication. I will always try to:

  • Comfort you when you are distraught
  • Show you love when you are fearful
  • Protect you when there is danger
  • Listen to you when you need to talk
  • Make love to you when you are lustful
  • Learn from you when you have wisdom to share
  • Help you learn when there is knowledge that you seek
  • Be understanding when you act poorly out of fear
  • See all sides when there is a conflict
  • Tell you the truth even when it may hurt to hear it
  • Be there whenever you need me, for anything

My love for you is unconditional and never-ending.
I have you here, held close to me, wrapped protectively in my wings.

As I look into your eyes, I show you all of myself.
As I kiss you, I envelop you in my love.
As I press my nude body against yours, I connect with you on every level.
As I caress your skin, I share passion with you.
As my claws drag across you, I share pleasure and pain with you.
As my tail presses between your legs, I share lust with you.

With every breath, in every moment, I share love with you.

One thought on “To My Loves

  1. Cat

    You have always touched me so deeply, like our souls are intertwined, in a perpetual dance of love and tenderness. Bound to you on several dimensions, perhaps in the past we have met and we meet again the cycle continues because we are forever drawn to each other.


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