Succubus Stereotypes

I was talking about this with a friend and thought I would write an article about it because it is a meaningful topic for me.

If you have ever tried to find information online about succubi as I have in the past, you have undoubtedly seen the immense amount of misinformation about what a succubus is. I will not spend time on every detail and variant I have seen, but there is one summary description that keeps showing up everywhere:

A succubus is a female sex demon that sleeps with men in order to feed on their energy and steal their seed for (insert various reason here about impregnating something or other). Encounters with these demons are dangerous and can even be deadly.

Just to point out a few of the problems I have with this description:

  • We sleep with whomever we are attracted to. It is not always men. We have the same sexual preference types as anyone else. I am a lesbian personally.
  • Stealing seed? Really? I don’t even know how to express how ludicrous that sounds. The only thing you can do with human seed is impregnate other humans. Why would we do that?
  • Most of the time we leave a person feeling better after an encounter – nothing dangerous or deadly there.

Regardless of what the descriptions say, the number one problem with all of them is that people try to apply the same description to every succubus, as if we are not individual people. There may be some that have done things to warrant fear, but just because a human commits a crime doesn’t mean I should be afraid of every human in existence. Why would it be any different for succubi? We are all individuals. We make our own choices.

I do not consider myself a dangerous person except in defense of myself and my loved ones. I do not drain people to the point of damaging them. I certainly do not steal seed or impregnate anyone. In my opinion, anytime you see a description being applied to an entire race of people, you need to step back and think about it realistically. There is no way that an entire race of people can have their way of life represented by a single description.

Of course in every myth there are aspects of truth. I do get my energy from lust, especially sexual lust, but from willing people not helpless victims. I always leave my partners feeling better and healthier afterwards, if maybe a little tired. Also, my astral form is one that resembles many of the descriptions of succubi that people recount.

So while I believe certain aspects of the common succubus descriptions are complete garbage, either invented to scare people or recounted from an experience with a criminal, I also recognize that there is a lot of truth to be found also. It can just be hard for someone on the outside to distinguish the truth from the lies.

People who know me know that I am a spirit of love and every life that I touch I try to make a little bit better if I can. I sometimes get targeted by fear and hatred because I make it known (publicly online and privately offline) that I am a succubus, but I do think that I also enlighten people with reasonably open minds to the true nature of what my people can be.

I am by no means an evangelist for my people, and I am certainly not a role model, but I do hope to at least show that we are not uniform. We are individuals, and I feel that most of us at least are respectable and have a caring side.


Something that I feel is important to understand is that succubi appear to rarely live human lives. From what I have learned from the ones I have communicated with (mostly my own family), many never experience human life personally. As such, the primary way that people reach them is spiritually. Many people that call out to succubi and other entities do so without any form of protection, leaving them open to potentially negative entities.

These entities will play whatever role they think you want them to play until they get close enough to you to latch on. I have no doubt that a number of people’s bad succubus experiences have been with deceitful entities using a person’s desire to get close and cause them harm. My advice is to not reach out for a succubus and blindly trust that the first person that comes along claiming to be one actually is, or that their intentions are honorable if they are. In fact, I do not recommend you reach out in such a way at all without some level of personal protection.

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